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13النتائج في Costa Rica

Tico Lingo

Costa Rica إيريذيا February 2019

Tico Lingo was founded in 2015 as a small, high-quality language and cultural center aimed at offering the most unique and genuine Costa Rican learning experience. Since opening, we’ve taught students from over thirty different countries across the world and continue to reach new students far and wide seeking to learn the Spanish language.

Tecnológico de Monterrey - ITESM

Mexico مونتيري Buenavista مدينة مكسيكو زابوبان موريليا بويبلا سانتا في سانتياغو دي كويريتارو تالوكا Argentina Argentina Online Bolivia Bolivia Online Chile Chile Online Colombia Colombia Online Costa Rica Costa Rica Online Ecuador Ecuador Online El Salvador El Salvador Online Guatemala Guatemala Online Honduras Honduras Online Nicaragua Nicaragua Online Panama Panama Online Paraguay Paraguay Online Peru Peru Online Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Online Uruguay Uruguay Online Venezuela Venezuela Online Puerto Rico Puerto Rico (US) Online بوينس آيرس لاباز سانتياغو كالي قرطاجنة سان خوسيه غواياكيول كيتو سان سلفادور انتيجوا تيجوسيجالبا USA هيوستن ماناجوا بنما سيتي أسونسيون Lima Orange County سانتو دومينجو مونتيفيديو كاراكاس July 2019 + 60 المزيد

El Tecnológico de Monterrey es una institución de carácter privado, sin fines de lucro, independiente y ajena a partidos políticos y religiosos. Fue fundado en 1943 gracias a la visión del empresario mexicano Eugenio Garza Sada. Cuenta con 31 campus y 21 sedes y oficinas de enlace internacional. Su objetivo es formar líderes con espíritu emprendedor, sentido humano y un alto nivel de competitividad.

Elec Spanish School

Costa Rica سان ايسيدرو دي الجنرال February 2019

Teaching Spanish in Costa Rica, offering total immersion to learn in a fast, efficient and effective way, allowing the students obtain their best performance during each week at school.

Intercultura Costa Rica

Costa Rica إيريذيا Sámara February 2019

Take the most out of your Spanish studies with Intercultura Costa Rica at two special locations: right on the beach on the Pacific Coast in beautiful Sámara - right on the sand and surf (the only Spanish school in Costa Rica with an oceanfront school campus) and right in the city of Heredia, close to the capital of San José and surrounded by mountains and volcanoes. Founded in 1993, we offer year-round Spanish and Cultural Immersion Programs for all ages and interest groups. C… [+] ombine both locations in order to experience the best of Costa Rica and the diversity of activities offered at each campus. [-]

University for International Cooperation

Costa Rica سان خوسيه February 2019

UCI is a worldwide recognized university that offers academic programs that promote regenerative and evolutionary development, in a complex, diverse and changing world, through innovative methodologies that promote multiculturalism.

University for Peace

Costa Rica Ciudad Colón San Pedro February 2019

The vision of the University for Peace is to be a forward-thinking, transformational and inspirational educational institution dedicated to the goals of quality teaching, research, and service for serving humanity in building a peaceful world.

La Salle University (Universidad La Salle)

Costa Rica سان خوسيه February 2019

ULASALLE, as it is also known, was approved by the National Council of Higher Education (CONESUP) by resolution No. 252-94, Art. 2 of November 14, 1994. In January 1995, La Salle Costa University Rica opened its doors, being number 73 in the Lasallian world.

Outward Bound Costa Rica

Costa Rica سان خوسيه Panama بوكس دي تورو Nicaragua ماناجوا February 2019 + 1 المزيد

Outward Bound Costa Rica inspires and develops leadership, compassion, intercultural understanding, respect for the environment, and a commitment to serve through adventure-based programs led by a highly skilled, safety-conscious staff.

ILISA Language School

Costa Rica San Pedro February 2019

Intensive Spanish language training for motivated students by well-trained and experienced teachers in first-class facilities.

COINED Spanish Experiences: Learn Spanish in Latin America

Chile سانتياغو Argentina بوينس آيرس Colombia بوغوتا Costa Rica سان خوسيه Cuba هافانا Dominican Republic سانتو دومينجو Ecuador كيتو Guatemala جواتيمالا Honduras Honduras Online Mexico ليون Spain مدريد سيفيلا برشلونة باريلوتشي كوردوبا مندوزا بويرتو مادرين أوشوايا Bolivia سوكريه قرطاجنة سالامینا Buena Vista Sirena Monteverde Tamarindo Sosúa كوينكا انتيجوا El Hawaii Flores كوبان لا سيبا غوادالاخارا ميريدا Buenavista أوكساكا بويرتو فالارتا بلايا ديل كارمن February 2019 + 45 المزيد

Coined is a global organization leaders in Latin America on the International Education field. Our Spanish Schools located all over Latin America are the best option if you’re thinking on learning this fascinating language. We are passionate for what we do and our mission is to develop Life-Changing experiences. With that in mind we offer International experiences in the Education, Languages and Work fields. All of our programs are life-changing experiences and involve a… [+] full immersion whether taking a trip abroad or receiving someone from another culture. [-]

Winterline Global Skills

USA كامبريدج إستيس بارك Panama بنما سيتي Costa Rica سان خوسيه Thailand بانكوك Cambodia بنوم بنه India مومباي Italy روما Austria فيينا Germany ميونخ Czech Republic براغ بوسطن Spain غرناطة France باريس China بكين Singapore سنغافورة أوستن Belize بلموبان Honduras تيجوسيجالبا Mexico Buenavista United Kingdom لندن Philippines مانيلا September 2019 + 36 المزيد

Winterline Global Education offers skills-based gap, semester and summer programs for young adults with an adventurous spirit and an interest in the world around them. You will learn real-world skills to prepare you for college, life and career while traveling the world and exploring your passions. Produce a documentary film. Launch a business. Learn to scuba dive. Build a tiny house. Practice authentic Thai massage. These are just a few of the experiences you could have… [+] on our programs. Do something new. Learn by doing. Prepare for life. [-]

ADEN Costa Rica

Costa Rica سان خوسيه February 2019

ADEN es una red educativa internacional acreditada por ACBSP, cuya actividad principal es su Escuela de Negocios, fundada en 1992. Está focalizada en el desarrollo profesional de directivos y gerentes de empresas, tanto en modalidad presencial como e-learning; y actualmente cuenta con 26 sedes distribuidas en 17 países de América Latina y Europa. Se apoya en la investigación aplicada que se realiza en el seno de la Universidad Alta Dirección.

ADEN Business School

Argentina مندوزا Panama بنما سيتي Colombia بوغوتا ميديلين Guatemala جواتيمالا Ecuador كيتو Costa Rica سان خوسيه El Salvador سان سلفادور سان ميغيل دي توكومان Honduras سان بيدرو سولا تيجوسيجالبا Bolivia سانتا كروز دي لا سييرا Dominican Republic سانتو دومينجو Paraguay أسونسيون Nicaragua ماناجوا Chile سانتياغو Peru ليما Mexico Buenavista بوينس آيرس كالي Spain برشلونة مدريد Barreal ريزيستانسيا نيوكين February 2019 + 36 المزيد

ADEN es una red educativa internacional acreditada por ACBSP, cuya actividad principal es su Escuela de Negocios, fundada en 1992. Está focalizada en el desarrollo profesional de directivos y gerentes de empresas.